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March Tests

This month's tests are Walk Test 2, Test 8: Trot Test 4, Rising Stars Lead Rein Test and Freestyle Test.

This month's tests introduce lateral work in walk or trot.  Lateral work is introduced early on in the training, beginning with lateral work in walk. The work is executed at a slow tempo which improves balance, lightness and core strength.


Walk Test 2 Once the horse can do turns, circles and walk-halt-walk transitions, he is ready to begin lateral work in walk. The lateral work balances, straightens, and improves core strength. By teaching him to move sideways from the leg, the rider can improve accuracy and bend. This test begins with serpentines and halt transitions, and moves on to leg yield and rein-back. 


Trot Test 4 Once the horse is strong and fit enough to maintain a balanced trot through turns and circles, we introduce lateral work in trot. In this test, we prepare with some leg yield and shoulder-in in walk. Then the leg yield is repeated in trot. The test finishes with a stretch in trot, allowing the horse to stretch his topline. If the horse has been working correctly he will take the contact forward and down.

Rising Stars Lead Rein Test has its own separate mark scheme, and aims to encourage quiet, beautiful riding and considerate attitude to the horse. It is designed for young riders or those with special needs, but can be entered by anybody.

Freestyle Test is an opportunity to show off what you and your horse enjoy doing. You can design your own test or ride any test that you are working towards. Choose 10 movements within the test that you would like to be assessed on, and write them down in the sheet provided. Each movement is judged on synchronisation and aids (this is measured by how you look at one with the horse, with invisible aids and elegant riding) and correctness and accuracy (basically how well the movement is executed). The test can be ridden with or without music. 

Each test is available for a small arena (20m x 40m) or a large arena (20m x 60m). If using a large arena, instructions are included on how to convert it to a small arena, using the existing letters to ride the test.

Each test comes with an advice sheet, which explains how to ride the movements. 

Please click on the link below to download your chosen test.

Rising Stars Lead Rein Test 20 x 40 arena

Rising Stars Lead Rein Test 20 x 60 arena

Freestyle Test

Test 2

Walk Test 2 - 20 x 40 arena

Walk Test 2 - 20 x 60 arena

Test 8

Trot Test 4 - 20 x 40 arena

Trot Test 4 - 20 x 60 arena

Sentient Riding Marking Criteria




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