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7 Days of Walk is a training documentary that follows the journey of 6 year old thoroughbred Kevin. Over a period of 7 days, Diana worked with Kevin to transform him from uncomfortable, crooked and hard to joyful, balanced and responsive, using French based principles of classical dressage.






















The schooling took place at walk, with gentle, precise adjustments made to Kevin's posture, using a combination of ridden and in-hand schooling. Each session was filmed to make a documentary.  The aim was to share the beautiful, gentle methods that have proved successful time and time again with so many of the horses Diana and her mentors school. Diana wanted to show people how much of a dramatic and long lasting change can be created using slow, simple interventions, and the approach of “less is more”.

Diana created a series of lessons focusing in detail on the exercises she uses, when and why to use them, and how to carry them out. Each lesson also contains a video clip showing Kevin working through the exercise, with a detailed commentary. She also created theory sessions which explain in detail what she is aiming for in the horse’s posture, and why.

The course is now available to buy on Podia. It consists of 12 short lessons, available with or without subtitles. There is also an option to purchase a training manual to show your instructor and bring with you to the arena, and to join the supportive online community where you can ask questions about the lessons, share your progress and upload videos for feedback.  From time to time, special offers are available. Subscribe here to receive updates and discounts via email. You will receive an email with instructions on how to buy the course, and any discount codes that may be available. Click here to buy the course at full price if you don't wish to subscribe to the emails.

7 Days of Walk

Day 1

Day 7

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