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December Tests

This month's tests are Test 5: Trot Test 2, Test 11: Canter Test 2, Rising Stars Lead Rein Test and Freestyle Test.

In this month's tests, we make use of simple lateral work to set up beautiful transitions to trot or canter. The new gait is introduced after working on balance and flexibility in the established gait. 

Trot Test 2 is the second test in the series which has trot work. Rein-back and leg yield in walk supple and balance the horse, and then the trot is introduced in short stretches via walk-trot-walk transitions. This is repeated on the other rein, and then the test finishes with a slightly period of rising trot.

Canter Test 2 begins with a trot-halt-trot transition and leg yield in slow sitting trot. Then a walk to canter transition, and a 20m circle in canter before returning to trot. A change of rein in rising trot allows the horse to relax and encourages him to swing his back before repeating on the other rein. The test finishes with a walk stretch.


Rising Stars Lead Rein Test has its own separate mark scheme, and aims to encourage quiet, beautiful riding and considerate attitude to the horse. It is designed for young riders or those with special needs, but can be entered by anybody.

Freestyle Test is an opportunity to show off what you and your horse enjoy doing. You can design your own test or ride any test that you are working towards. Choose 10 movements within the test that you would like to be assessed on, and write them down in the sheet provided. Each movement is judged on synchronisation and aids (this is measured by how you look at one with the horse, with invisible aids and elegant riding) and correctness and accuracy (basically how well the movement is executed). The test can be ridden with or without music. 

Each test is available for a small arena (20m x 40m) or a large arena (20m x 60m). If using a large arena, instructions are included on how to convert it to a small arena, using the existing letters to ride the test.

Each test comes with an advice sheet, which explains how to ride the movements. 

Please click on the link below to download your chosen test.

Rising Stars Lead Rein Test 20 x 40 arena

Rising Stars Lead Rein Test 20 x 60 arena

Freestyle Test

Test 5

Trot Test 2 - 20 x 40 arena

Trot Test 2 - 20 x 60 arena

Test 11

Canter Test 2 - 20 x 40 arena

Canter Test 2- 20 x 60 arena

Sentient Riding Marking Criteria




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