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Online Course - The Power of Walk

The ultimate foundation course. Follow Kevin's 7 day journey as you learn how to transform your horse using beautiful gentle and simple methods at the walk. Includes 12 lessons,  community membership plus an ever growing library of bonus lessons, downloads and resources.

Audio Lesson

Guided Walk Awareness Practice


A 10 minute audio lesson that you can download and listen to while you ride. It talks you through a relaxing routine of awareness and connection to ensure that you are synchronised, connected and ready to be "let in". A perfect complement to "7 Days of Walk", or as a stand-alone to set you off to a wonderful start to every ridden session. 


Video Lesson

How to stop your horse snatching for grass

If your horse dives or snatches for grass when you are trying to work him, this short lesson can help. Using a real life example, it shows how to kindly and thoughtfully balance his needs and motivation for grass with focusing and being motivated to work with you.

Sentient Riding Book

Programme of 12 classical dressage tests for the everyday rider. From walk only tests to half pass and walk-canter transitions. This beautiful spiral bound and fully laminated book can be brought to the arena. As well as the tests, it contains explanations of how to ride them, and a unique marking system which focuses on harmony and beauty. Can be used purely for training, or as a framework for competitions.

Coming soon...

Transforming crookedness to straightness

How to recognise, classify and correct crookedness. This course uses animations and video footage of a real horse to demonstrate what crookedness looks and feels like and how to classify the nature of your horse's crookedness and identify the correct exercises to build straightness 

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French Classical In-Hand for Beginners

This in-depth programme teaches you to teach your horse in-hand work using classical French principles. This work is not only beneficial to training and connection but is also physically therapeutic and can help rehabilitate the horse from all manner of problems where pain is caused or exacerbated by postural faults, from kissing spines to muscle pain and crookedness. We recommend that you consult with your veterinarian and bodyworker if you are rehabilitating pain or lameness. 

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