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The Equisimulator is a mechanical horse which simulates the movement of a well schooled horse in walk, trot and canter.

This enables the rider to learn to synchronise their movement precisely with the movement of the horse. By doing this, the rider appears to sit still and becomes very elegant. The rider's seat becomes more secure and more effective. The rider is now able to apply aids with much greater precision.

Virtually any rider will benefit hugely from an Equisimulator lesson. Even minor adjustments in riding technique can have a big impact on your horse's way of going. The Equisimulator provides a completely safe method. The instructor can remain close by and make precise adjustments to the rider's position and movement. The Equisimulator gives instant feedback - if the rider loses synchronisation or blocks the movement, the machine stops. However, unlike a real horse, the Equisimulator is able to keep going in correct balance for as long as required, as long as the rider remains synchronised  This enables the rider to practice their new found skills and build up muscle memory. It is like having a lunge lesson on a perfectly balanced Grand Prix horse, but without putting any strain on the horse.

Equisimulator lessons are perfect as a stand alone session to brush up your riding skills - whatever the weather, and even if you don't own a horse. Or combine an Equisimulator lesson with a lesson on your horse - so you can put your new found skills into practice and see the difference.

The Equisimulator has a long history of success in helping riders of all levels. It is something that can definitely benefit anybody who wishes to improve their riding, improve their horse, or improve their confidence and security in the saddle.

Click the button below to view some free video lessons on riding skills using the Equisimulator.

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