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Exciting news! Featuring alongside stars like Andrew McLean and Monty Roberts, Diana has been interviewed by Glenys Cox for Horse Chats.  Click on the button below to listen to the interview here, or follow the link to Diana's profile for more information. 

"The Mission of Horse Chats is to improve the lives of horses around the world, through the education of their owners, riders and handlers.

Our aim is to deliver a host of current and informative content from industry experts nationally and internationally, on a range of topics to interest and to excite passion in our listeners. "

The interviews are an excellent source of inspiration, education and entertainment.

Visit the Horse Chats website to find out more. Subscribe to the podcast (free) and listen to all the interviews while you work or drive!

Horse ChatsDiana Waters

Heather Moffett now features on Horsechats - click here to view her profile and listen to the interview.

Clic here to listen to Diana's second Horsechats interview.

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