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Online Competitions

This inclusive online video dressage competition aims to enable anybody to compete in classical dressage.  We aim to provide tests that are  interesting and conducive to producing balance and lightness even at the lower levels. The tests and feedback can be also be used as part of a training program.


Sentient riding aims to bring out the best. We believe that online competitions are great because horses and riders often perform better in a familiar environment. There are no general restricitions on gear as we believe that every horse is an individual and should be allowed to wear whatever works well. However, if we feel there is a welfare issue, we may ask you to resubmit the test with a change to gear. An example of this would be an over tight noseband.


Sentient riding strongly rewards balanced riding and light aids. Strong or rough aids and unbalanced riding result in lower marks.

How to enter

The tests are divided into 3 categories:

Walk - Begins with simple school figures and halt transition, and progresses to lateral work.

Trot - begins with walk- trot- walk transitions and introduces small amounts of trot, incorporated with lateral work in walk. Then introduces longer stretches of trot and lateral work in trot

Canter - introduces trot - canter and walk - canter transitions, small amounts of canter work and lateral work in sitting trot.

Each test comes with an accompanying explanation, and participants are encouraged to contact us with any further questions, because the tests are marked quite differently from traditional dressage tests. To view the marking criteria, click here.


The competition is judged by Enlightened Equitation Teacher Diana Waters.


All competitors receive a Sentient Riding feedback form which breaks down the marks clearly so that you can see exactly how you have been marked.


First 3 places receive a beautiful rosette.


How To Enter

  1. Follow the link to Nominate, where you can register your entry.

  2. Video your test in a clearly marked 20m x 40m arena, from at least a metre directly behind C. Alternatively, you can ride it in a 20m x 60m arena using the existing letters. You will need to mark off the bottom section of the arena and use the 20m x 60m version of the test. Download instructions to convert your arena here

  3. Upload your video to YouTube

  4. Submit your video URLto


Click here to view a video example of Walk Test 1.


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