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Monthly Tests

Each month, we run 2 tests, starting with Walk Test 1 and Establishing Trot Test 1 from February through to July, then repeating from August to January, so that all 12 tests can be taken in order throughout the year. This enables people who are working with a young horse to use the tests as a training programme, reaching Prelimimary level, but with a lot more lateral, by the end of the year.

We also run the lead rein test and the freestyle test each month.

The tests are run in the following order:

February and August: W1; T3

March and September: W2; T4

April and October: T1; C1

May and November: W3; T5

June and December: T2; C2

January and July: W4; C3

All tests are ridden in a marked 20m X 40m arena, or a 20m X 60m arena, converted (click here for instructions on how to convert)

Click here for information on how to enter.

Register on Nominate by the 20th of the month.

Submit video URL by the last day of the month.

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