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"My horse is enjoying his work now. He is starting to round up now and look so beautiful and proud."

I am participating in "7 days of walk". 

I  would never  have thought  a walking program would make such a differance!

My horse has developed a beautiful free walk . I didn't realise how wrong,  I was riding  my horses walk,  until Diana helped me.  Recent comments from the dressage judges say- lovely overtracking.

My horse is enjoying his work now. I can see it in his expression! I am happy that at last I feel progress and everything is  getting  better.

He is starting to round up now and look so beautiful and proud.

However there are lateral movements and other excercises that we are playing with now in  the program .

So delighted I can post short videos on the community page and get great feedback from Diana. Diana gives me great suggestions to improve. And she has back up short videos to explain. 

My horse seemed lazy and slow- but it's amazing how he is freeing up and becoming forward.  With the changes I am learning . 

Highly recommend '7 days of walk' ! 

- Renate

"Clear information and guidance bringing my older mare back into work"

I signed up for the "7 days of walk" course and I also had a 1 on 1 online lesson with Diana.

The content in both is just what I was looking for which was clear information and guidance on how to bring my older mare back into work in a way that respected her mind and body and fostered my relationship with her in the process.

Diana is very good at explaining things in a way that suits my learning style and I felt very comfortable asking questions if I didn’t understand something or needed clarity.


"Great improvement in our partnership and my horse's way of going"

This is a review of  "7 days of walk".


All horses and riders are individuals, and progress at different speeds. My pony and I are slow learners, so we have not progressed far through the course yet.. Even so,  I am already seeing a great improvement in our partnership, and in my pony's way of going. He has a much better attitude and is less easily distracted. His walk has improved greatly, he has slowed the tempo and takes much bigger steps, with the result that he covers more ground and seems to be more forward going despite the slower tempo. This has been a great course so far, and I have hopes of making much more progress as I continue to work through it.


"one of the most considerate and thorough of trainers/instructors that I have come across." 

I have found Diana from Responsive Equine to be one of the most considerate and thorough of trainers/instructors that I have come across.  She takes all the information to adjust her teachings to make it most relevant and applicable to her clients.  She is very mindful of the horses’ individual nature and is more than happy to adapt and explain the philosophy and reasons behind her approach. I find that this has greatly improved my knowledge and understanding in my riding and improved my relationship with my horse through her teachings.  It has led to me feeling that Diana has my learnings to be a priority in her interactions with me. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting a thorough, knowledgeable and kind approach to improving their riding technique and relationship with their horse in a classic environment.


"great exercises that you can take further" 

I have found the synchronizing exercise in walk really beneficial to help my mind tune into my horse and his footsteps.  It’s also been really beneficial for me to feel the timing of the hind legs coming through.  A great exercise that you can take further.”


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