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Overview - Test content

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To view the marking criteria, click here:

The tests can be ridden as stand alones, or as part of a training programme. There is some flexibility on the order of the tests, depending on the individual horse. We recommend the tests are ridden in the following order:

Test 1: W1

Test 2: W2

Test 3: T1

Test 4: W3

Test 5: T2

Test 6: W4

Test 7: T3

Test 8: T4

Test 9: C1

Test 10: T5  

Test 11: C2

Test 12: C3

W4 can be ridden any time from after W3 until just before C3, and we recommend that the movements in W4 should be practiced as a part of the warm up for every session once it has been learned.

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