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Horse Friends


So much of our life is busy, and we can have a lot of fun learning new skills and participating in activities. Horse Friends is designed to give some balance to this, giving a chance to slow down and reconnect with your wonderful self.

Horse Friends is for girls who wish to spend quiet time with horses in nature, and meet other like-minded girls. There are up to 5 girls in a group. After a long hard week (or term) at school, it is a chance to relax and enjoy yourself without pressure to learn or perform.


Horse Friends is about creating a sense of belonging and congruence, in the calming presence of horses. It is a safe space where diversity is embraced. It’s an environment where you can meet other girls, build your confidence and have fun. Or if you don’t want to talk to anyone, but just want to listen and spend time with horses, that is also fine.


The horses selected for the programme are gentle, happy horses living a natural life with other horses in a beautiful environment. 


There is no riding in the Horse Friends programme. The girls discover a gentle and natural way to be around the horses without expecting them to do anything. Horses are non-judgemental, and happy horses will choose to interact with us if we give them space and quietness. Being around the horses in this way is calming and helps us reach a state of congruence: “when your insides match your outsides"

Weekly Programme: Term time, 1 hour sessions

We begin relaxing in chair hammocks in the horse field, chatting for a few minutes or just enjoying watching the horses. Girls then listen to a chapter or two of the book we are currently reading. I choose inspirational books which embrace differences and individuality and have engaging storylines. After this, we will spend some time with the horses. Often we will groom them, or watch them grazing, or take them for a walk. One of the favourite activities is to build an obstacle course with cones and poles, and lead the horses through. We will usually interact with 2 horses, so girls interact together in groups of 2 or 3.

Sometimes if we have time at the end, we will return to the hammocks for some discussion and circle time (contribute by talking or just by listening if you prefer).

Click here to book into Term 2 weekly programme ($320 for the 9 week programme).

Horse Friends Holiday Programme

The holiday programme includes all the same activities, plus some extra activities such as nature art and nature walks. It is a 4 hour programme, usually taking place from 10am to 2pm.

Click here for more information about any of the programmes.

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