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Riding Lessons
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Each person and horse comes with their own unique relationship, strengths and goals. Diana strives to develop a strong and ethical relationship between horse, rider and coach. Each horse and rider are always treated with the utmost care and respect, and lessons are tailored to their needs.



Diana is highly skilled at recognising and correcting faults in position, synchronisation and application of aids. She develops the horse’s training using the French school, which develops balance and lightness at a slow pace first. Both the horse and rider are corrected gently and precisely with clear and simple explanations.  Diana can break down common riding faults and correct their underlying causes. This means that her students really improve, and are never subjected to the traditional shouts of “Heels down!” or other much-repeated phrases!



The rider, now in perfect synchronisation with the horse, sits quietly and elegantly. The horse, now light and balanced, moves gracefully and responds instantly to invisible aids. Riding is a joyous experience for both horse and rider. From here, the pair can excel in their chosen discipline, whatever that may be.





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